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We want to give you some useful disability resources that might help you out or encourage you. Some of these links are people and organizations we met or used before. We want to give you as many useful websites as we can so you well equipped to tackle your problem.  If you know any helpful disability resources that you feel would help other people and we don’t have on our list, please feel free to contact us and we will surely put on the list. Please fill out the form below.

Disability Links

United Cerebral Palsy has a site that is filled with
useful information about CP. They explain the
different types of Cerebral Palsy. They can help
you to find assistance if you need it. I say this
site is the main place to learn what CP is all
United Cerebral Palsy
Easter Seals is a place to receive therapy. They
are nation wide and they handle many types
of disabilities, but Cerebral Palsy is most
common disability they treat.
Easter Seals
DuPage Easter Seals is in Chicago, Illinois. Both
of us went there when we were kids and Lisa
still goes there for therapy. We highly recommend
going there if you are in Chicago.
DuPage Easter Seals
Tamera Weeks has an adult daughter with CP.
They have a YouTube channel showing the
day to day struggles with CP. We did a
collaborate video in fall of 2015.
Tamera’s YouTube Channl
Charisse has CP and also has a YouTube
channel. She shows people what a person
with CP can do. Her videos are really fun
to watch.
Charisse’s YouTube Channel
Barton and Megan Cutter are a marred couple.
Barton has CP and they have a consulting
business. They do talks around the country.
One thing that I really like about them is their
love for each other.
Barton and Megan’s website
Illinois Independent Living Center also known
as Katharine Manor is a building that was designed
for people with disabilities to live on their own. Both
of us live at Katharine Manor.
Illinois Independent Living Center
This is a site where to find legal help. We never
worked with them so use your own judgment
when you contact them.
Disability Denials
Cerebral Palsy Group is a site that gives viable
information about CP. This webpage explains
why it is so important to find the right lawyer
to sue the doctor. CP happens because of
a mistake by the hospital.
Cerebral Palsy Attorneys
Nationide Lifts is a company that modifies houses
for people with disabilities. They hve stairs lifts,
elevators and many other things to help you.
Nationwide Lifts
Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder
marking muscle coordination. In most
cases, cerebral palsy is caused by brain
damage that develops while the baby is still
in the utero or during or shortly after birth.
Comprehensive information about
cerebral palsy and most common types can be
found at Cerebral Palsy Guidance.
Comprehensive information on Cerebral Palsy
Wonder Moms is a site created by 3 moms.
They all have special needs children. Their
site is filled with useful posts for parents.
Wonder Mom

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