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Interviewing a Personal Care Assistant
Today I talk about how to interview a personal care assistant.

How to hire a PCA?
Hiring a personal care assistant is not easy to do. I talk about ways to find a person.

Planning for the future with PCA's
Planning a summer vacation is rough for a person with a disability.

What is a personal care assistant?
If you are a person with a disability, you might need help.

Kids with CP are amazing and remarkable kids
Kids with CP wants a normal life like you. They do a lot of things that the next kid does.

A Complete and Easy Guide for Learning About CP
CP is a disability that affects a person's ability to control their muscles.

Friends are so important
Why are friends so important to people with disabilities?

10 ways to support a person with Autism
Autism is a strange disability. We give 10 ways how to support a person with Autism.

How to teach kids about disabilities
Kids learn best when they can interact with people.

Disability Perspective From My Dad
My dad shares his thoughts about disability.

Similarities between disabilities
Why do we have Disability Awareness Month?

National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2017
A lot is happening for people with disabilities.

Disability Awareness Month - Is it really helping the cause?
October is disability awareness month. Is it really helping or is it just a feel good thing.

Thoughts about disability awareness from John Zwadlo
Today is the first testimony about what disability awareness means to a person.

Disablty Awarenesss Month 2017
October is Disability awareness month.

How I moved out on my own with CP
Moving out is a hard accomplishment for a person with CP. In this video.

What my mom meant to me pt 2
This is part 2 about my mom.

What my mom meant to me pt 1
My mom did everything for me. This is part 1 of a 2 part about she meant to me.

Working changed my life forever
Household International gave me a job that a programmer dreams about.

How I found a fulll time job with having CP
Getting m summer jobs was so easy than finding a full-time job.

Summer relaxation or summer jobs during college
During the summers in college, I had 3 amazing opportunities to work.

Having friends at college
Going to college with CP is rough, but having and making friends really helped.

Going to college with CP
Going to college was really good for me.

Was high school a jail or a school for me?
High school was really difficult for me in so many ways.

The time when my education improved
This is about my education between 4th grade and 8th grade.

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